Cheap Footwear and Clothing for Men and Women
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    Privacy Notice

    We, to protect your privacy. When you shop and use gives its subsidiaries, you agree to your personal information for various purposes, as described below.


    We offer a wealth of information to be collected to fulfill your order, and keep your information on our website for registered users. We can send you your name, address and contact information to third parties, so that the product is delivered (for example, our courier company or service provider). We may also share your information with our franchisees. You new concession agreement not to use this information to sell products directly or indirectly. But we will not rent or sell, without your permission, your name, address, email address, credit card information or personal information to third parties unless this is done in accordance with legal provisions or provided by procedures legal or judicial information available on the client is necessary. Overall

    By providing personal information that you use to collect data in order to fulfill our commitment to provide the service you expect, simply provide us explain. This is the delivery status of delivery, to be on the notification phone / email processing to include the transfer of information such as new services or marketing plan. In case of problems with the delivery of your project, we will use this information to contact you. We can also manage your data on the site, collecting your payment, so that you can then use the shared use this page, the site found no fraud or abuse, or on your site product information under are and if we have questions. You pay securely through our payment gateway business is managed through this site. We keep your personal information as long as necessary to our business or as long as our legal requirements.

    We can use our marketing partners, advertisers or other purposes outside the scope and non-individual statistical part of the advertising or non-personal statistical data in summary form. In other words, we are not the information that you have purchased a specific product, but we can tell you how many customers buy goods and services. If you buy in our store via email and our function or program, or subscribe to one of our newsletters, we sometimes skilled newcomers products you want to update the site. We can also please contact if you try to access one of our games or more.

    Tips can help you protect your online privacy

    Put anyone to transform the online password. Leave your billing information, except to facilitate the purchase. Select the length of your password of six characters. Create a password, including a combination of numbers and letters. If you like, online fraud, and does not share your passwords, change the password immediately. You can use the "My Account", you can enter and modify user information to do so. When finished, the, not leave the site. The only way to log out of the site was to close the window.

    Cheap Footwear and Clothing for Men and Women
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